The Zenfolio App Has Disappeared from the App Store


As I waffle on the future of zenfolio and it’s support for the Classic platform (which it still markets as the platform for pros) I am a little concerned that the Zenfolio app no longer exists on the App Store?

As zenfolio shifted to the new platform, when you logged into the app it would display that it only worked for Classic accounts, but now it's just totally gone.

While the app was not a big part of my workflow (it actually used to be when I would post on instagram more regularly) it more so signals to me that zenfolio is not going to provide support for Classic accounts, which is disappointing, though I suppose not surprising.

The only thing that bothers me more than the mobile app no longer being available is that PhotoMoments is still available. That should have been removed from the app store 5 years ago when it stopped receiving updates. Or, if I'm being harsh, should have never been added because it was never usable as a client tool.


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