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Get PhotoMechanic (On Sale) While You Still Can

November 13, 2023
Every photographer who is interested in joining KLC fotos and/or becoming a professional photographer, one of my first recommendations is to get PhotoMechanic. PhotoMech...
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Elinchrom ONE Dual Kit for a Large Group Photo

November 02, 2023
Not too long ago, I bought the Elinchrom ONE dual kit and I finally had the use case where it they were the most appropriate tool for the job. A 7am Police Department Pho...
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Wish I Had White Tape

October 26, 2023
Well, after my post about gray tape being the all-in-one solution... here's me backtracking. I wish I had white tape! The other day I had to take dance team photos and (...
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Zenfolio Archive Tool is Here (And It's Coming for You Too)

October 12, 2023
A few week ago, I wrote about my disappointment with Zenfolio's archive "tool". I wanted to follow up on the pulse, online communities, real life chats with colleagues, a...
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Suspended (and reinstated) from Instagram

October 06, 2023
Welp, I was suspended from Instagram because "Your account, or activity on it, doesn't follow our Community Guidelines on adult sexual solicitation" 😳 Of all the outr...
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Customized Portfolios

September 28, 2023
Did you know that in addition to my (stagnant) portfolio. I also have other (stagnant, or let’s say, static, portfolios.) Granted, I mostly cover sports, I mostly want t...
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Embedding with a Team to Make Great Images

September 22, 2023
Last week, when covering Cal Football vs Idaho overhead, I always have fun spotting other photographers and then tagging them on kreadivs. Al Sermeno, the KLC fotos photo...
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Promote the Work You Want to Do

September 22, 2023
When I speak at workshops, one piece of advice I emphasize is to promote the work you want to do. It is about time I take my own advice. Previously, my Photos section wa...
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Always Be Trying to Make Better Images

September 14, 2023
Every time I'm making images, I'm constantly thinking, "Can I make this image better?" When you see a photographer's image or set of images, you don't necessarily have i...
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I am a sports photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I primarily photograph sports (action, events, and portraits) ... and my feet.




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