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Customized Portfolios

September 28, 2023
Did you know that in addition to my (stagnant) portfolio. I also have other (stagnant, or let’s say, static, portfolios.) Granted, I mostly cover sports, I mostly want t...
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Promote the Work You Want to Do

September 22, 2023
When I speak at workshops, one piece of advice I emphasize is to promote the work you want to do. It is about time I take my own advice. Previously, my Photos section wa...
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Always Be Trying to Make Better Images

September 14, 2023
Every time I'm making images, I'm constantly thinking, "Can I make this image better?" When you see a photographer's image or set of images, you don't necessarily have i...
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How I Cull Through Selects From a Game (When Covering For a Team)

September 08, 2023
When covering a game for a team, I always overshoot. In many cases this is the one or two games per year that they will budget for my coverage so I want to provide them w...
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Canon R5 Tethering Nightmare - Any Ideas?

September 01, 2023
My primary concern with my gear is that is has to be reliable. I will spend 5x on gear unrelated to image quality, like stands and bags, because it just makes my life eas...
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How I Decided to Buy the Canon R5

August 25, 2023
I've been fielding a few questions since buying the Canon R5 Why did I decide to buy the Canon R5? I've mentioned before, I have a rubric for whether to buy new gear ✅...
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Zenfolio Archive "Tool"

August 18, 2023
For better or for worse, Zenfolio has long benefited from photographers like myself who continue to pay the annual fee despite frustrations, simply because we don't have...
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One Month Left: kreadivs All Access

July 28, 2023
Officially one month remaining for the chance to grab a free all access kreadivs membership. While kreadivs will remain free to join, anyone who joins after August 28th...
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Something (+ a Grip) is Headed My Way

July 11, 2023
Something exciting is headed my way. When eyeing the various discounts offered by Amazon, Samy's, etc. I noticed that B&H included a grip (that can give you a hint about...
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I am a sports photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I primarily photograph sports (action, events, and portraits) ... and my feet.




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