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June 16, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite places to work is press boxes with field views.

I don't have coworkers or an office space and my (desk) work typically isn't meetings. I am a bit of introvert in that I don't necessarily want to interact with people while working, but I do like just being around activity. I am so grateful that our new house has a dedicated office space, but I struggle sometimes just working alone facing the backyard (gosh, let me check my privilege real quick) that I often work from the living room couch just because it's nice to see cars and people pass by.

When I can, I will get to games early just so I can set up in the press box. Not only does this mean I get to avoid the stress of traffic or looking for parking, but that I can pick my position and make sure my roster and IPTC is set. In open-air boxes like Oracle Park and Oakland Coliseum, I get... and the A's pressbox has plenty of unclaimed seats!

To be fair, this is because it was a shared press box with the Oakland Raiders so it required more seats, not that A's press coverage is that dire.


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