Another Year of KLC fotos Cal Athletics

July 07, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Kicking off our sixth year of KLC fotos being the official photography supplier for Cal Athletics.

And (with some breaks in between) it's personally my 18th (ooof!) year of photographing Cal Athletics.

A lot has changed since then! From the 17 year old with a camera hanging off my side, to my first credentialed game (looking so cool with my camera backpack) to the first time I got to use a 70-200mm (courtesy Michael Pimentel).

I am so grateful to the Cal Athletics staff for continuing to trust me to provide this service and to the KLC fotos Photographers who create great images, are a pleasure to work with and always over-deliver making KLC fotos look good.

I feel so lucky to not only be able to work at my alma-mater, coming full circle from where my career began, but to be able to bring my kids to games so they can see me working. For now, my parents or husband accompany them, but I like to think that someday they might just want to tag along and sit in the stands, Realistically, they will probably be too cool/busy... or they'll be trying to take my job!


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