Are Textured Color Backgrounds Still a Thing?

Kraft Fight Hunger BowlKraft Fight Hunger BowlKraft Fight Hunger Bowl

Are people still using textured color backgrounds? Or is that look "dated?"

I work in sports where portraits are either solid white, maybe black, or something else vibrant. But as I was looking for a new collapsible background, I saw so many textured color backgrounds that have the muslin look and I wondered, are people still using this for portraits?

Years ago, I covered USA Water Polo headshots and they wanted me to match the style of previous headshots, including the textured blue background. USAWP: Mens National TeamUSAWP: Mens National TeamDecember 22, 2014; Santa Ana, CA, USA; Bret Bonanni. USA Water Men's National Team. Photo Credit: Kelley L Cox-KLC fotos

I’ve also done a few corporate headshots.

The big benefit, especially for on-site photography where you are bringing in a background, is that since they are textured, you don’t notice the little wrinkles that you might otherwise see or need to photoshop out.

I feel like the “look” this days is more minimalist (solid color, perhaps with some tonal quality) or environmental with no background at all but if they are still for sale, someone must be buying them!

What about you? Have you used textured color backgrounds? Do you still? Love them? Hate them?


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