Zenfolio Archive Tool is Here (And It's Coming for You Too)


A few week ago, I wrote about my disappointment with Zenfolio's archive "tool". I wanted to follow up on the pulse, online communities, real life chats with colleagues, and some email exchanges with zenfolio and most importantly, now that it's here, understanding it a little better.

Switching To New Zenfolio Won't Save You

The first thing I want to relay to people is that this archive tool is currently only affecting us Classic users, but it's coming for everyone. I questioned whether this was just a method to try to force the hand of those of us still on the Classic Zenfolio platform. The response from support:

At this time, while the Archive Service is active on Classic currently - we do plan to implement the service on our New Platform as well in the very near future.

I would hate for any of you to go to the trouble of moving your entire archive to the new zenfolio... only to have this archive tool find you there!

If that response isn't enough to make you think the archive is coming for the updated platforms, consider that the archive styling is identical to the new platform.

The Grass Isn't Always Greener

There is SO much I like about PhotoShelter (faster, ability to edit metadata online, highly searchable) that make it better for regular clients, but there are some areas where zenfolio is easier (friendly links, visual, purchasing images) for customers and occasional clients who don't need a live uploads, highly searchable archive system. And PhotoShelter has been quite the pain with permission and price list settings.

Check It

As it settles in, I realize, I am maybe not as upset by it as I expected to be. Yes, the sales are a disappointing fall off, but in terms of KLC fotos, there are 300+ contributor photographers and this might motivate someone who hasn't updated their profile to do so. Also, what I prefer over their RAW file storage, is that I can actually see what galleries are being archived, and then adjust.

How About You?

Have you left zenfolio? Are you planning on leaving zenfolio? Where are you building?


Wherever your archive is, get it one place or have a strategic plan for moving.


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