Suspended (and reinstated) from Instagram

Welp, I was suspended from Instagram because "Your account, or activity on it, doesn't follow our Community Guidelines on adult sexual solicitation" 😳

Of all the outrageous highly sexualized things I've seen on instagram, I thought my feet were pretty tame.

Yes, I acknowledge that foot fetishes are a thing, but I would argue most of my posts are more shoe than foot, there was certainly no sexual solicitation going on, and beyond that, I haven't posted to the account since March, so why the seemingly sudden decision?

I recently logged in to view some of my sister-in-law's wedding reels (really just to look for photos of my cute kids as flower girls) and I wasn't seeing any new followers or comments, or something that would suggest my account took on sexualized tone.

Beyond that, doing a quick search of "feet" on instagram, I came across some channels... With handles like beautiful feet models and teamprettyfeet, with tens if not hundreds of thousands of followers. There's even another kellyfeet6 that is live and with emojis like 🔞👅👄. I'd argue significantly more suggestive.



I appealed the decision which then made my account completely inaccessible for a day. And then I appealed again and now I'm back!

Check It.

I hadn't been posting to instagram in quite a while, either on @kelleyfeet which was more behind the scenes and following friends and family. Or on @kelleylcox which is my "professional" account, so this wasn't going to really be a big loss, though I imagine it would be a huge loss if I had built more of a network around instagram. And the good news is, I have an entire archive of feet pictures! Even though I haven't been posting on instagram, I've still been taking them just for personal pleasure, and you can see them all here. If you have a foot fetish, you will be very disappointed because it's mostly in shoes, and those shoes aren't nearly as fun and funky as they used to be. Mostly sneakers and boots. 👟🥾

How About You?

Have you been suspended before? Are you still on instagram? Do you think my account was inappropriate?


I know that "Delete Facebook" and "Delete Instagram" go through viral phases, mostly on the platforms people claim to intended to delete and then don't. I've been waffling for years about how I should interact with social media platforms and whether as a photographer, I could just delete them. Looks like instagram made that decision for me, thanks Meta! Even though my other accounts weren't deleted, I think this stark reminder that Meta owns the platform and can take it away at any moment, without much explanation or recourse. So come on over and join me on kreadivs, won't ya?


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