Zenfolio Archive Tool Disappointment

January 12, 2024  •  2 Comments

I keep trying to find the silver lining in the zenfolio archive tool.

I 100% understand that hosting a large number of files is an intimidating server task. But we were still are advertised unlimited storage.

The archive tool has destroyed how I organized images on KLC fotos.

And most importantly, even the archive tool, isn't working as advertised.

I go, as a client might, to restore a gallery, and just get an error message.

Sometimes the error message is on brand... though still an error message.

Other times, it looks like my website was built in 1992. I know zenfolio is old, but it's not that old!

Check It

Realistically, I don't need my archive publicly accessible online. But it's no less disappointing how the service I was paying for has been so diminished.

How About You?

Are you impacted by the Archive "tool"? Have you switched? Do you plan to switch?


I'm not just complaining to the void. I have sent emails to support from both this account and KLC fotos account. If enough of us voice our concerns, will it have an impact? 


Kelley L Cox
Hi Colleen,

WHOA - sounds like your images are in zenfolio purgatory! I'm so sorry!
Have you tried reaching out to support? Though they aren't the decision-makers who can help with the overall disaster that is the archive, hopefully they can at least troubleshoot where those galleries disappeared to!

I also have accounts with PhotoShelter, smugmug and PixieSet. Each have their pros and cons. None offer what zenfolio -used- to be and still -could- be if they recommitted.

Fun note about JOs! You must know Catharyn Hayne who is also a zenfolio user and in the same conundrum!
Colleen Bell(non-registered)

I hope I am not the only one reading and agreeing with you. I had a client reach out about how to reinstate her gallery from the archive and when I went to find her archived gallery in the archive tool, it is completely empty. Not one single gallery is in the archive tool. I don't even have the ability to restore the gallery if it isn't there. When the client clicks on the archive button on her end, it takes her to my website. WHAT A MESS!!! This is my first run in with the archive tool, but it is not impressive at all. I too have been with Zenfolio for a long time...appx. 2009 and I am more disappointed every year, but have not found a viable replacement for the unlimited storage. Let me know if you have found any solutions. Also, fun to recognize your name as my children have been competing in USA JO's for a decade+.

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