Have I Been Pwned?

Maternity Leave leaves me with brief moments of "free" time. I can't quite leave the house without waking the tiny dictator, and I can't quite tackle large projects because I know tiny dictator will soon wake. Instead of mindlessly scrolling social media or playing games on my phone, I'm trying to tackle some of those to-dos that get long overlooked.

HaveIBeenPwned.com is a website where you can enter your email and see if you have been "Pwned" aka your email exposed along with other details that can vary from a username, your physical address, your password, your social profiles, your social security number and whatever other information you may have put on the internet that was compromised by the website holding your data.

Unfortunately, I have been pwned on nearly all of my various email accounts. Various breaches have occurred with Adobe, tumblr, LinkedIn, TickeyFly, 500px, Dropbox. It seems no one is immune.

Step 1. Check the website

Step 2. Change passwords

Step 3. Delete Accounts

Even if you check the website and are the lucky few who has not been pwned (They've discovered 9 BILLION pwned accounts) you should probably still change your password and delete accounts you don't use.

I don't mean to be a luddite with technophobia, but there are some good steps to minimize your risk of a data breach.



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