Olympus OM-D Announcement... Coming January 24th

January 03, 2019  •  2 Comments

Today, Olympus released a teaser video of the new O-MD camera that will be announced on January 24th. You might recognize the photographer in the video as yours truly. :)

After switching to Olympus at the end of 2016 and being named an Olympus Visionary in 2018, I'm as excited as ever to be involved in this product launch. Stay tuned


David Schultz(non-registered)
I'm really excited to hear your thoughts about the new gear (are you holding the rumored 150-400?). Will you blog after the announcement? Did you shoot some of the sports footage for the video? Its great seeing Olympus go after the big guns...
Steve Vansak(non-registered)
I heard you on Derrick Story’s podcast a few weeks back and after seeing the teaser video today I kind of thought it was you. So I decided to drop in here and see if that was the case.

Congratulations on being in the visionary program and I imagine we will be seeing more of you with the new release. I’m already prepping for picking up this new body and also anxiously awaiting what lenses we might have in store for 2019. I’m not a sports shooter, but I usually get the the new Olympus flagship straight away as I’ve been with them for many years now.

Have fun with this new camera body!!
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