Think Tank Photo and MindShift Gear Operating as One

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It's been no secret in the photography community that MindShift Gear is tightly connected to Think Tank Photo. While geared towards two separate markets of photographers, they are both focused on creating high-quality products that photographers love. As we blur adventure, journalist, corporate, wedding photographer identities, so do they!

While MindShift Gear had a focus in outdoor photographers, creating amazing backpacks that I have in all shapes and sizes and Think Tank Photo makes unquestionably the best rolling cases around. It started to blur the line as I would use some Think Tank Products on adventures (the Speed Changer was my go-to for Patagonia [link is to V3, mine is V1 because their gear lasts THAT long]) and I'll carry MindShift Gear bags to shoots that are not outdoor focused (corporate shoots where I know there will be stairs, I bring my FirstLight 30L instead of my Airport Roller Derby) And I bring my Airport Advantage Plus on trips even when I'm not bringing a camera at all! When it comes to card wallets, general use backpacks, lens pouches etc, you can't really go wrong with either and the elements of one brand are definitely reflected in the other because the two have been working so closely. It only make sense that they would officially merge and create a seamless shopping experience for everyone.

So now if you want to purchase some great backpacksrolling casesshoulder bags, hard cases, belt systems, and all kinds of useful accessories, you now have a one-stop-shop at

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You can also check out my gear page to see a more complete list of products I specifically use and recommend.


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