Canon R5 Tethering Resolved... I Think

September 07, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Alex Aguero, Emilio SheaAlex Aguero, Emilio SheaSeptember 5, 2023; Berkeley, California, USA; Rugby: California Golden Bears at California Memorial Stadium; Alex Aguero, Emilio Shea (Photo credit: Kelley L Cox/Ultimate Sports Guide)

A mid-week post to share some good news... I think I resolve my R5 tethering problems. 🤞

I tried reinstalling Lightroom, I tried reinstalling EOS Utility. I tried everything. Different cable, different port, different card, various "connection" settings on the camera (Wifi Airplane Mode, etc) changeing the destination folder, changing auto import settings, you name it! Nothing seemed to be working and I couldn't even trouble shoot where the error was. EOS Utility didn't open AT ALL (I think I needed to make sure I was using EOS Utility 3) Lightroom Classic kept giving me the spinning wheel of doom when I would try to say "start tethering".

When I went back to some of the YouTube videos that had referenced troubleshooting, some of the comments where how those steps didn't apply, given software updates.

My last ditch effort before giving up, was to follow these steps from

  1. Turn off the camera.
  2. Disconnect the camera from the computer.
  3. Quit Lightroom Classic and restart the computer.
  4. Open Lightroom Classic.
  5. Reconnect the camera.
  6. Turn on the camera and try tethered shooting.

And tada! That seemed to do the trick. I got it to work consistently enough times, that I felt comfortable covering Cal Rugby Media Day bringing only the canon gear. (Will the comfort that rugby wouldn't be that disappointed if they weren't able to live view their images) and everything worked great!

So, that makes 22 team's media days. I don't about you but I'm feeling 22, a little better about my canon set up again. I'm still a little uneasy that I'll run into the problem again. But hopefully with more reps, I'll get more comfortable with it. And at least this time I have reference of all of the exact steps to follow.


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