How I Store My Credentials

If you regularly cover sports, you’re probably like me and have quite the collection of credentials.

I’ve opted to keep mine organized by using an over the door hook.

I organize them into:

Current season | Undated Ongoing Credentials | Past Seasons | Extra Team Lanyards | Extra Generic Lanyards | Masks

I like to use lanyards that color coordinate with the team so it’s easier to find. Typically I’m using team issued lanyards which is helpful for easily spotting the credential needed for the day.

When a season is over, I hold onto the credential because it’s often helpful to show last year's credential to parking attendants and various security prior to picking up my season credential whenever I cover my first game of the following season.

Most venues no longer require masks but it’s nice to have a few KN95 ready just in-case.

I used to keep all my credentials in my bag or in my car. But I found in my bag, they got very tangled and that is prime real estate for other more photo related items. And I stopped keeping them in my glovebox because a) Car break-ins have increased substantially and even though I know would-be thief’s aren’t looking for credentials, they are likely to do and grab-and-dash and just take all the glovebox components and then dump them a few blocks later and b) Now that my family has two cars, I'm not always taking the same vehicle. Sometimes I even bike to a game!

I do keep a Long Credential Holder (ThinkTank | Amazon ) in my bag for instances where a venue has credentials but does not provide a lanyard and/or offers sticker credentials which always end up losing their stickiness before the end of a game, and I don't want to be backtracking my steps to find where it fell off.

In an effort to consume slightly less, if the lanyard offered is just a black string, I often opt out and use my own.

What about you, how do you store your credentials?

Also, if you are interested in any of my prior season team branded credentials, they are listed for free on kreadivs and I'd be happy to part with them.


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