With Sporty Greetings

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In the great debate of how to sign emails ("thanks", "best", "regards", "In community") I think I may have found my favorite:

Met sportieve groet

Which google translates to: "With sporty greetings"

I like this email signature because it's so specific to the job.

For context, this was an email from the Royal Dutch Swimming Federation to use images from Water Polo World Cup.

My other favorite part of the signature is:

Om de week vrij op woensdag

Which translates to:

Every other week off on Wednesday

European work culture is so different. 

As evident again by the Out of Office reply

Now the translation clearly isn't perfect, but

"Isn't it in a hurry? Then I will pick it up again on Monday December 4th"

It reminds me of the meme about European out-of-office vs American out-of-office

Check It

I am still working on inbox management. I try to respond to most emails in a timely manner. I've also tried to put links and guidance in emails so that if I have an out-of-office for any extended amount of time (rare, but hopefully more) the sender isn't just left waiting.

How About You?

In your line of work, what would be a similar sign off?


Even if you are not ready to have sporty greetings, maybe spruce up your email signature in your send-off or your contact details.


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