Get PhotoMechanic (On Sale) While You Still Can

Every photographer who is interested in joining KLC fotos and/or becoming a professional photographer, one of my first recommendations is to get PhotoMechanic.

PhotoMechanic is unquestionably the most efficient way to cull through images and add metadata

From a culling perspective, I don't think anything is faster. For metadata there are some workarounds

a) Editing metadata on PhotoShelter

b) Using Sony’s Transfer and Tag app (mobile only)

But none compare to the efficiency of PhotoMechanic on a desktop. ("Creators will always use Computers")

Subscriptions Are Coming

I have had a PhotoMechanic license for almost 20 years. I started with a student discount and have upgraded over the years to newer versions and the latest PhotoMechanic Catalog (though I still don't quite understand or fully utilize the catalog features) 

In a recent announcement, PhotoMechanic shared that they will be switching to a subscription license. And while I'm disappointed, it's also completely understandable. I can't expect them to build updates for each new operating system, all on my original $

For Cyber Monday, PhotoMechanic is currently $99!!! If you plan on using the same operating system for a while, I cannot recommend this enough! Buy PhotoMechanic perpetual license while you still can:




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