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I purchased a PhotoMechanic license with a student discount before I even had a website. As I've switched camera systems, external drive devices, website platforms, agencies, etc trying to find the best, PhotoMechanic has been the single constant in my career because there isn't any application that remotely competes. I would argue it is the most critical piece of software any digital photographer can own.

It will save you time. Browse through images faster than any other program I've used.

It will help organize your images. Quickly tag, favorite, color code, save, resize, add keywords, sort by date, sort by filename, you name it!...or hey, rename it!

It will help you deliver images. Upload to popular photo website providers at specific file sizes through PhotoMechanic without ever opening your browser and FTP at specific file sizes without ever needing to open an FTP application.

It will help your images reach a larger audience with copyright credit. Adding metadata in IPTC fields and your copyright ensures your images are searchable and your copyright is embedded into the file. What's a great picture if no one can find it and if they do, no one knows who took it?

In well over a decade of using and loving PhotoMechanic, it has in total cost me less than $200. No subscriptions, free updates except for major overhauls like version 4 to 5. I went to upgrade in 2016 having lost what my original subscription key was to pay the "upgrade" price instead of "new license" price, I emailed Camera Bits support and they responded the same day so I was up and running with the new PhotoMechanic right away. They also supported the Shoot Like Shirley contest by providing a licenses to both the winner and the runner up. Everything about the software and company is in the support of photographers.

I am not sponsored by them, I do not get any sort of kickback if you order through this link, as I might with other posts. This post is 100% just to spread the good word. So many of my Gear Review posts are specific to personal taste, what you photograph, what your budget is. PhotoMechanic I recommend for every photographer. When photographers want to work with KLC fotos, I am more concerned about whether they have PhotoMechanic than I am their portfolio or which camera they use. There are workarounds to not having it, but they are just that work-arounds.


November 23rd-26th they are having a Black Friday Sale of $30 off, whether that's a new subscription or an upgrade. $120 for software that will make you enjoy culling through your images almost as much as you enjoy taking them. No discount code needed. If you don't already have it, what are you waiting for?! Well I guess at this point, wait until the 23rd, maybe 26th if you are a procrastinator, but seriously, go get it!



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