At the end of 2016, I started photographing exclusively with Olympus cameras.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you like shooting Olympus?



What did you use before?

Canon. From a film canon rebel in high school to the 1D-X with a caseload of L series lenses, it was and remains a fantastic system, it just no longer suited my photography needs.


Are you shooting ALL your work with Olympus?

Yes... though I suppose my feet I still sometimes take with my phone.


What made you switch?

Weight, Wi-fi, Weather-sealing, truly silent shutter, price. Among other more nuanced reasons.


Did you consider Sony?

Yes, but because it's full frame, pairs with full frame lenses so the weight and size difference from Canon or Nikon doesn't apply. (More via PetaPixel)


Was is an easy transition?

For the most part. Though to be fair, I was using Olympus as a travel/hobby camera so I already had familiarity with the system. My first month of so of shooting exclusively with Olympus gear, I brought all my canon gear as well, in case I ran into an issue with the Olympus gear (mostly if there was a menu feature I couldn't figure out, not because I didn't trust the system's capabilities) but after months of not touching it, decided to switch to Olympus exclusively.


Which camera bodies do you use?

I shoot with OM-D E-M1 Mark II bodies with a grip for all my professional work


Which lenses do you use?

Mostly M. Zuiko PRO lenses, though not exclusively.

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Which lenses do you suggest for sports?

Depends on the sports and your style. A basic system would include

A wide and a zoom: 7-14mm f/2.8 and 40-150mm f/2.8


The wide will get you great team, venue and other wide angle photos. The zoom will get most action


Go Long: 300mm,

If you can afford to add more to your gear set, especially if you shoot field sports, this is the lens that convinced me I could move to Olympus. A 600mm 35mm equivalent at f/4 that you can handhold

Just for fun: 9mm fisheye - I love this body cap lens. 


Other options 




What settings do you use for sports?

The largest aperture possible (f/2.8 or f/4 depending on the lens) and the lowest ISO possible, while still keeping my shutter speed 1/1000s or faster


What lenses do you suggest for weddings? 

I opt for a wide and a zoom, you won't miss the shot with this range. f/2.8 will be important for creating nice bokeh or dealing with low light.

I also often use the 25mm f/1.2 for beautiful bokeh and low light.


What's the biggest drawback of switching to micro-four thirds?

High ISO not as capable

But I'm ok with that because:

1) Photography is Latin of photo (light) and graphy (draw), drawing with light. I want my images to have light. If the scene is so dark that I can't create an image at the cameras capabilities, it's probably not much of a dynamic image anyway.

2) Sensor technology improves so rapidly, I'm confident each generation of the OM-D will continue to improve noise handling