To ensure that all inquiries can receive an appropriate and timely response please assist me in understanding my Digital Health Policies and I encourage you to create similar policies for yourself to establish a better work/life balance that allows you to connect more genuinely with both people in the digital world and in-person.

Please do not email questions that can be answered via resource pages. Kelley L Cox Resources or KLC fotos Resources are designed to answer your questions more efficiently and consistently.

Please only contact me via my cell phone if your inquiry needs an urgent reply. Texts and phone calls should be for urgent needs, on-site communication or scheduled meetings. 

Please use social media to connect and interact in a carefree manner. If you have a real question or concern please email me. Due to the nature of trolls, spam and general sanity, I do not receive notifications from social platforms and I do not utilize mobile apps for social messaging. I do not want you to feel ignored if I do not see and respond to your comment or message. Please send me an email to increase the likelihood of my reply.

Please have patience with replies. The nature of a freelancer means I have multiple clients and my job often has me away from my computer. While I try to respond in a timely manner and will find myself taking advantage of certain evenings to catch up on emails. Please do not expect immediate replies or replies outside of traditional business hours.

Please use consistent threads in emails. Starting multiple email threads about one assignment or sending emails under subject lines that do not match the content, makes it difficult to keep track of the details of a shoot.


The more people who follow the protocol, the more I can optimize my inbox to ensure more timely replies to those deserving and better balance my professional and personal life.

Thanks for your understanding!