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After using Olympus gear since the end of 2016, I became an Olympus Visionary in 2018. I love the micro four thirds system. Olympus makes great lenses. Olympus sponsors me with an annual stipend and also arranges for me to speak on panels, give workshops, and other events that promote the Olympus brand. You can view me on the Visionary Page. And shop Olympus products via my Amazon Associates link.



Think Tank Photo was one of my first camera accessory purchases. Wanting to take the weight off my back as I walked uphill to Cal Memorial Stadium, I purchased the Airport International, it saved my back. Since then, I've added to my roller collection with the Roller Derby, Takeoff, beltpack, Urban Disguise should bag, and of course have a number of their card wallets. I am without question, a ThinkTankPhoto fan girl. I was also featured in this fun video for their Airport Roller Derby bag when it first came out. It's still my go-to bag for most assignments.

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I first used MindShift gear when I needed a practical backpack for a trip a Cuba. Whether I'm using the Panorama as a day bag, the Pro on an extended adventure or the FirstLight when I'm ambitious enough to bike to an assignment, their gear for the outdoor enthusiast (or just camera enthusiast) is second to none. They are now one with Think Tank Photo, but you find me posting about their gear separately. Either way, you can use this link


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