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Press Box Office

June 16, 2023
One of my favorite places to work is press boxes with field views. I don't have coworkers or an office space and my (desk) work typically isn't meetings. I am a bit of...
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Are Textured Color Backgrounds Still a Thing?

June 15, 2023
Are people still using textured color backgrounds? Or is that look "dated?" I work in sports where portraits are either solid white, maybe black, or something else vibra...
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You Want MY Autograph?

May 05, 2023
A strange thing has been happening at the last couple of A's games: fans have been asking for my autograph. Don't let this mislead you, this is not because they want my...
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How I Store My Credentials

April 28, 2023
If you regularly cover sports, you’re probably like me and have quite the collection of credentials. I’ve opted to keep mine organized by using an over the door hook. I...
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How I Back-Up and Store My Photos

March 30, 2023
In honor of World Back-Up Day I thought I'd share my back up strategy. You may have heard of the 3-2-1 rule of thumb for storing archive images. Three different copies,...
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Covering Tennis with the Canon R3 and the OM-1

March 20, 2023
Between the first and second rounds of the NCAA Tournament, I covered Cal Men's Tennis vs Arizona State. Since I'm not totally familiar with the canon system yet, I thou...
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League of Legends Worlds

November 07, 2022
I had the opportunity to photograph League of Legends World Championship aka Worlds, at Chase Center. Complete with performance by Lil Nas X I was somewhat hesitant t...
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PhotoShop Smart Portrait

October 21, 2022
I really enjoy a good AI gone wrong. My favorite being when Keenai put a photo of my sister and I under the label birds (Instantly thinking of Notebook "if you're bird, I...
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Kreadivs Goes Live!

August 28, 2022
Kreadivs (pronounced "creatives") is now live! For those who don't know, I've been working on this for some time. It's still not perfect, or fully rolled out, but in the...
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I am a sports photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I primarily photograph sports (action, events, and portraits) ... and my feet.




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